The Meridian Races

The Meridian Races were the first four races created by Ormoder and Delvoder, and have some similarities in physical structure. They are also the most populous races in Imaldy, and have spread their influence far and wide.

  • HumaA race of sages and merchants, known for their goodwill and love of the exotic.
  • ElvarinNaturally social and curious, these masters of the forest will fight for their ideals to their dying breath.
  • ThanaeOften called “the caretakers of Imaldy”, the Thanae know that everything has a proper place and function in The Divine Pattern.
  • DwarrosWidely thought to be masters of art and architecture, the Dwarros love to explore and learn new things, though some never quite make it out of their hometown.

The Monstrous Races

The Monstrous Races are so named because their countenance resembles certain beasts and creatures found in the wilds of Imaldy. Despite their appearances, they are civilized, some more so than members of the Meridian Races.

  • TalarA race of desert dwellers who claim that their skill at arms and strategy was their reward for giving up mastery of flight and dominion of the skies.
  • SurrelThe Surrel are the laborers and soldiers of Imaldy, known for being steadfast and loyal to their friends and relentlessly fierce to their enemies.
  • KyhrroSailors and savants, the Kyhrro have an affinity for the written and spoken word, often serving as emissaries and politicians across the face of Imaldy.
  • ZomaiRegarded as strange and macabre by many, the Zomai are unafraid of death and possess unmatched talent for discovering and keeping secrets.

The Masked Races

The Masked Races are not races in the conventional sense. They are sentient, symbiotic masks that use the other races as hosts for their powers and ego. Their origins and goals are mysterious, and it is not known whether they are a creation of Ormoder and Delvoder like the other eight races of Imaldy.

  • BiazosThe most well-known of the Masked Races, Biazos are known for putting themselves through harsh tests of mental and physical strength in search of philosophical perfection.
  • OramasStubborn to the end, many Oramas are also strict ascetics and experienced travellers.
  • TyflosConsidered the most mysterious of the Masked Races, the Tyflos are famous for their skill in discourse as well as their agility.


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