01. After a space of several days, the two brothers finished their work, and said, “Imaldy is our greatest creation; it shall not be a monument unto itself, but the blank pages of a book upon which all records of heroic deeds shall be writ.
02. The mortals which dwell upon this land shall do all manner of things, both despicable and valorous.
03. Glory shall be their greatest reward, and the most gloried of them shall be forever remembered as those who strove and struggled and succeeded against all adversaries; they shall be set above their own as leaders and rulers, with powers like unto our own.”
04. And lo, Ormoder and Delvoder, being balanced one against the other, even unto the smallest particle, could not agree which of them should remain as arbiter and ruler, for they knew that if both accepted the mantle of such, no dispute should ever be settled.
05. And so, the two brothers, in their infinite wisdom, set down eight Seats of Power among the loftiest skies, the darkest earths, and the deepest waters.
06. Each seat they enclosed within a Tower, and each Tower was sealed with a Door and a proclamation, that any mortal who might claim a Seat as their own should gain the greatest glories, the highest honors, and the Power of a single Element, and should be like unto a god of their own making.
07. Having done all this, the two brothers agreed that their work was complete, and all that remained was for their mortal children to write their tales of glory.
08. Each brother swore an oath to the other, that all mortals must struggle by their own hands, and that they should not intercede on any creature’s behalf, save that which might threaten to wipe clean the very Words of Creation itself; nor should they meet again until all Seats had been claimed, at which time they should reunite and begin the next Chapter in the Worldbook with their god-children by their side.
09. And so, each brother left the other in good humour, and went into their quarters, where they watch and wait for that final day.

The Book of Conception, chapter 3, unknown translator

Imaldy (ihm-all-DEE) is a campaign world for D&D 4E (and possibly Burning Wheel, much farther down the road). It’s loosely based on some of the archetypes and common facts about the ancient Greek, Roman, and Persian empires. The campaign itself is structured around Ben Robbins’s West Marches model; the city that the players themselves occupy is a little town named Norwall, located just northeast of major civilization.

If you’re curious about some of the specifics of the campaign world, feel free to browse through the wiki.

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